Live from Terminal des Croisières April 16, 2021
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Jade-Alexandra Trottier

Business Development Director Teangle
Panel Digital marketing & growth hacking


Jade-Alexandra is one of those people whose marketing brains never stop. Some know her as being an ocean lover, others call her a social butterfly, but most identify her as an E-commerce specialist with experience in setting up effective marketing campaigns and creating meaningful connections with its influencers and the Teangle family. Creative and enterprising, the ex-marine biologist runs on matcha and wants to make a real difference in the world. Her challenge? To transform Teangle from a high growth start-up to a globally recognized brand with a positive social impact.

About Teangle

“At Teangle, we are committed to providing the healthiest and tastiest matcha in the world. We are dedicated to creating natural products made from Japanese matcha, helping to bring balance especially in the lives of women. focus on the full well-being of body and soul.”

Conference topic

Le marketing d’influence: Un incontournable, mais à quel prix? (Panel in French)

Bringing together three professionals or entrepreneurs working with influencer marketing everyday, this panel will discuss the opportunities to seize and avoid in this increasingly essential strategy. It will also discuss how to maximize your return on investment, the “dos and don’ts” of a successful campaign, and more.