Live from Terminal des Croisières April 16, 2021
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Louis-Félix Boulanger

COO BonLook
Conference Digital transformation & sales channels


Louis-Félix is Chief Operating officer at BonLook. Under his leadership, Bonlook’s Operation and IT team uses a data-driven approach to optimize and scale their supply chain and infrastructure.

By owning their technological stack from top to bottom, the company has been able to implement innovative solutions rapidly and benefit from technological advances such as AI & machine learning.

About Bon Look

Bon Look is an omni-channel retailer of prescription glasses with a network of stores in North America whose mission it is to democratize fashion eyewear. BonLook offers fashion-forward eyewear at accessible price points, wrapped in a modern shopping experience.

BonLook’s promise is to design, manufacture, deliver and distribute fashionable prescription eyewear to its clientele whether they visit them at one of our boutiques or online.

His conference

Instaurer l’innovation au sein d’une industrie: la digitalisation de l’optique (Conference in French)

Currently, 30% of the world’s population has an uncorrected visual impairment. By 2050, 50% of the world’s population will suffer from myopia. In the context of such data, the means for diagnosing and providing eye care must evolve rapidly. In this presentation, BonLook explains how the company chose to tackle this issue. In addition, they will demonstrate how they plan to evolve their business model to multiply their impact on overall eye health.