Live from Terminal des Croisières April 16, 2021
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René-Pier Plourde

UEAT University Coordinator UEAT
Conference Customer experience


Over the past two years, René-Pier has helped restaurant owners around the world go digital. In addition to his marketing background, René-Pier held the role of Global Trainer for Apple where he taught how technology can enrich people’s lives.

About UEAT

UEAT saw the light of day after a dawning realization:
with thin profit margins, rising labor costs, high turnover rate, and difficulty in converting customers into optimized sales, the restaurant industry has its fair share of challenges.
Customers’ buying habits are constantly changing. Being surrounded by restaurateurs, we instantly realized we could bring something new to the table (no puns intended): digital tools that would modernize their restaurants, optimize their operations and increase their profitability.

In 2016, we went to the drawing board with one goal in mind: build the fastest, easiest and smartest way to order food without making any compromises. Not only did we want to value the business relationship, the person was also our main focus. That’s why we built our entire business model with a win-win relationship in mind. With our dedicated Menu Profitability Experts and 24-7 support team, we have been supporting all of our customers to ensure their success becomes ours.

His conference

L’intelligence artificielle au secours de la restauration (Conference in French)

The restaurant industry is experiencing an unprecedented crisis and is accelerating the democratization of online ordering tools. Slim profit margins, labor shortages and low retention rates are common issues for all types of restaurateurs, and the current pandemic will only make matters worse.

Discover how to reduce friction, adapt services to this new reality and personify the user experience thanks to artificial intelligence allows not only multinationals, but all restaurants to increase their conversion rate, loyalty and their bill average.