Terminal des croisieres de Quebec April 17, 2020
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Roxane Lalonde

Marketing and Digital Strategy Director Mondou
Case Study Customer experience


Roxane has over 15 years of experience in the retail industry. Over the years, she has acquired varied experience in strategic marketing management, both in the marketing of new products and in the influence of dominant brands in their sector of activity,. In the past few years, she has had the chance to develop expertise in strategic management of commercial projects by combining graduate studies in management (MBA) with marketing and e-commerce management positions for highly admired companies in Quebec like Louis Garneau Sports, DeSerres, Renaud-Bray, Éditions de l’Homme (Quebecor Media) and now Mondou. She has specialized herself in the transformation from more traditional strategies to digital and omnichannel strategies. Roxane is a manager , passionate about customer service and process improvement and is convinced that the customer experience must be at the heart of retailers’ strategic priorities.

About Mondou

Canadian leader in the retail sale of products, services and accessories dedicated to the well-being and health of pets, Mondou wants to share its know-how and passion for animals with all its customers.

With 67 stores and a growing transactional site, it has become crucial to structure omnichannel data and unify communication with customers wherever they are.

Her conference

The implementation of new systems and a strategy whose data are at the heart will allow us to further personalize the offers based on both transactional and animal data, thanks in particular to the Club Câlin.

What are the structuring data that will improve the customer journey and increase the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and, therefore, the satisfaction of our customers and especially their animals.