In-person event - Terminal de Croisière, Quebec April 8, 2022
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Russell Markus

Founder Lily CBD
Storytelling Customer experience


Russell is a creative strategist who has spent the last 15 years working in start-ups, as well as the marketing and music industries in New York City. His work has been focused on understanding culture and observations of consumer lifestyles and social habits that relate to how brands connect with their customers and market.

Most recently, Russell spent three years as the Director of Strategy for Spike Lee’s advertising agency Spike DDB, and as VP of Marketing at direct-to-consumer start-up, Burrow.

The creation for Lily came out of a very earnest desire to help his family with CBD, paired with a keen understanding of how society sees and looks to alternative options in medicine and wellbeing.

A fourth-generation of his family living in Brooklyn, when he’s not working he spends time bringing people together through music, art, and food.

Conference topic

Taking your brand subscription first

Elaine Sloboda of Recharge sits down with Russell Markus of Lily CBD for a fireside chat about all things subscription and recurring revenue. Russell’s story is relatable for quite a few reasons, notably:
– His desire to create recurring revenue for his store
– The sustainability and predictability of that revenue
– Development of communication channels that drive customer satisfaction

Join us as we explore his origin story and growth with a lens on subscription products, and learn how adding a recurring revenue element to your store could take it to the next level.