Live from Terminal des Croisières April 16, 2021
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Stéphane Hamel

Data ethics consultant
Conference Digital transformation & sales channels


Stéphane Hamel is an experienced digital marketing and analytics consultant, innovator, teacher, speaker and advisor to startups and agencies with a strong interest in privacy and the ethical use of data.

His conference

Data, Data, Dis-moi si je vais réussir (Conference in French)

How to measure success obviously depends on how you define it. Forget the “Top 5 ecommerce KPIs”, the miracle recipes and empty promises of the “360 view of the customer in real time accessible by all”. Stéphane, a veteran of the analytical industry in Quebec and recognized throughout the world, presents a realistic and proven approach to support you in defining your objectives, how to measure them and communicate them through numerous examples, anecdotes, tools and will offer many answers to your questions.