Terminal des croisieres de Quebec April 17, 2020
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Thierry Lopez

Quebec Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager Best Buy Canada
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Thierry Lopez is the Quebec Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager at Best Buy Canada, one of Canada’s largest omni-channel retailers.

After an international beginning of career, Thierry joined Best Buy Canada and held various operational roles before taking on the lead marketing responsibility for Quebec. Thierry has been instrumental in the launch, growth and success of Best Buy different brands in Canadian French markets.

A seasoned retail professional who is passionately involved in corporate social responsibility, Thierry’s diverse range of activities at Best Buy Canada include Quebec branding & marketing, French advertising, communications and community & government relations. Thierry is also on the board or contributes to several retail and non-profit organizations.

In his spare time, Thierry’s playground is the Thousand Island River where you will often find him enjoying time with one of his 3 children.

About Best Buy

Best Buy Canada is one of the largest omni-channel retailers of consumer electronics, computers and entertainment products, accessories and related services in Canada.

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Just a few years ago, the doom of traditional brick-and-mortar stores was headline news, and Best Buy was facing significant challenges as a retailer. Yet, today the retailer’s stock value has risen by 275% in just six years while its market capitalization has skyrocketed. What were the reasons behind this momentous turnaround? Learn how the company reinvented itself to navigate and strive in today’s age of digital disruption.