In-person event - Terminal de Croisière, Quebec April 8, 2022
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William Giroux

Co-founder KaseMe


Following the launch of KaseMe in 2016, William, with the help of his co-founder Gabriel, succeeded in building a high-growth ecommerce business. Over the years, KaseMe has carved out a place of choice for itself in their industry, using influencer marketing as their main lever.

With more than 800,000 cases sold around the world, the company has successfully exported their brand outside Quebec by working with thousands of influencers.

Conference topic

Le marketing d’influence: Un incontournable, mais à quel prix? (Panel in French)

Bringing together three professionals or entrepreneurs working with influencer marketing everyday, this panel will discuss the opportunities to seize and avoid in this increasingly essential strategy. It will also discuss how to maximize your return on investment, the “dos and don’ts” of a successful campaign, and more.