In-person event - Terminal de Croisière, Quebec April 8, 2022
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Dylan Whitman

CEO and Co-Founder Inveterate
Conference Digital marketing & growth hacking


Dylan is an experienced eCommerce operator and investor currently Co-Founder and CEO at Inveterate, a venture backed memberships platform for Shopify Merchants. Co-Founder at Pari Passu Venture Partners and Active early stage investor in companies like Grin, Gorgias and DaaSity. Previously Co-Founder/CEO of BVA Commerce, at the time the largest agency partner of Shopify which exited to Private Equity in 2018.

Conference topic

How to Keep the Growth Going in the Next Era of eCommerce

The last 24 months have changed everything in eCommerce. The pandemic brought a large increase of consumers willing to buy online, but the competition is getting more fierce in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Legislation is making it harder to use consumer data as a direct retargeting tool, and that’s without mentioning IOS 14. So, how does your business keeps the growth going in 2022? In this conference, Dylan will talk about:
– Client retention and loyalty
– New and upcoming acquisition channels
– Emerging eCommerce techs and trends from the US
– Much more